Friday, July 11, 2014

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Newly Bred With Magic Erotic Fantasy Audiobook

You've read the book!  Experience the Magic in Audio!  Coming to Audible this month.

Newly Bred With Romance (erotic romance fantasy)
If you haven't experienced Newly Bred With Magic, you can find an ebook at the outlets listed below:

***July 2014 ***  This book is currently sold only at Amazon. 

Fighting For You Audiobook Release

Have you ever loved someone so much you're positive breathing without him or her is impossible? Had to fight so hard you lost sense of yourself? 

Young Love & Lust with just the right amount of heat.

Paperback, Ebook, and now an Audiobook available on Audible and Fighting For You by January Valentine

Wheel Wolf New Audio Book Coming Soon

Great News!!  Amazon has approved Wheel Wolf for a stipend!  This means they will pay for audiobook production.  Woo Hoo.  Thank you Amazon.  Now, we have to make them proud & strut our stuff  :-)


Unconditional Love that Lives Beyond the Grave

Check out the wolf in Jack Bailey. 

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Victoria Valentine writing romance and thrillers as January Valentine.

Wheel Wolf (Amazon bestselling werewolves/shifters)

When a full moon boils with blood in a starless sky, and the howl of a beast fills your ears with the thud of your heart, hop on your bike and run, Jack Bailey!

#werewolf #horror #shifter #angel #paranormal #romance  #thriller

Here's where you can buy Wheel Wolf and my other books ...

**July 2014** Fighting For You - Wheel Wolf - Sweet Dreams - Newly Bred With Magic will only be sold on Amazon. These books are in KDP and Kindle Unlimited. So if you've purchased a paperback, you can read the Kindle versions free.

**** other books are still listed on a variety of online distributors **

All of my books are listed on Amazon, some on Barnes and Noble and other booksellers, available worldwide. So I figured I'd compile one list of all books and links to where readers can buy them.  

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Victoria Valentine writing as January Valentine (erotica as Lana Lundon)

Fighting For You new adult romance (coming of age for readers over 17)

***July 2014***  Currently sold only on Amazon
Wheel Wolf (bestselling werewolf horror)
Beautiful Experiment (Island of Defiance trilogy Book one) teen paranormal romance
Sweet Dreams in the Mind of a Serial Killer (paranormal thriller)
Love Dreams (romance drama)
Newly Bred With Romance (erotic romance fantasy)
Seven Day Wonder (erotic fantasy novella -- demons & angels)